Healthcare Compliance | Condor Healthcare Consultants
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Healthcare Compliance

When it comes to compliance, what you don’t know can hurt you.

Condor Healthcare Consultants has extensive knowledge in the areas of regulatory and healthcare compliance – which can help reduce overhead, protect valuable assets and minimize your organization’s risk.


Adverse Events

Let Condor help manage the burden of establishing and maintaining an effective incident reporting and management process, which are integral to risk management and proof of compliance.

  • Selection, creation or refinement of incident tracking system across multiple departments and media formats.
  • Assistance with mediation / resolution.

Policies and Procedures

Condor works with your organization to create and refine a customized set of policies and procedures, and identify the persons within your organization who are responsible for implementation.

  • Customized guidelines and documentation relevant to your current provision and future expansion of services allowed under your licensure.
  • Development of new policies and procedures for start-ups and/or new initiatives and programs.


Condor helps your organization coordinate and demonstrate compliance across all Federal, State and local agencies so that you can focus on the core business of providing high quality healthcare.

  • Surveys / Audits: Prep and training for OASIS, CMS, Joint Commission, OIG, HIPPA, Department of Health (DOH), Social Services, and more.
  • Licensure: Assistance with State and National licensing or relicensing including DOH and CMS.
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse: Preventative compliance and response efforts to reduce risk of violations in relation to Medicare and Medicaid programs.