Healthcare Operations Management | Condor Healthcare Consultants
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Healthcare Operations

Drive Care Delivery Costs Down Through Operational Excellence

Condor Healthcare Consultants empowers your organization with sounds advice for healthcare operations management – by focusing on incremental operational improvements that translate directly to productivity gains.

healthcare operations management - assessment

Assessment / Analysis

Condor applies its extensive operational experience to assess your organization’s business, clinical and financial operations – with an eye towards cost containment and increased profitability.

  • Operational Goals: Proven experiments, exercises, modeling and simulation to identify gaps, overhead and obstacles in achieving organization objectives.
  • Contract Assessment: New and existing contract reviews, revisions, increased reimbursements, introduction to new revenue opportunities, capitation, pay for performance.
  • Clinical Operations: Assessment and performance reporting in key indicators.
  • Compliance: Thorough review and adaptation of policies, procedures and regulatory compliance as operational improvements are considered and implemented.
  • Data Flow: Lifecycle information management, in electronic and other formats, to determine data paths and processes, accuracy, relevancy and opportunities for refinement.
  • Financial Objectives: Profit & loss analysis including cost reporting and Revenue Cycle to gain new insights, uncover savings, and identify areas for improvement and expansion.
  • Human Resources: Condor firmly believes it is possible to do more without hiring more. Our goal is to assess and propose HR changes that will optimize your existing structure and allow you to implement revenue-building programs. Our team members offer a lifetime of experience in restructuring for profitability and executive assignment designed to improve ROI on your human investment.
healthcare operations management - strategic services

Strategic Services

Condor’s experts will hand-tool a strategic solution based on your organization’s abilities and local market opportunities – in order to maximize resources, optimize structure, streamline costs and improve service delivery models. We can help you with the following:

  • Restructuring for Profitability: An A to Z assessment of your organization, including summary of potential deficiencies, positive attributes and economical solutions.
  • Program Development: Clinical program development based on new contracts and/or expansion of services, including proposal creation and campaigns with target plans.
  • Positioning: Condor will develop a strategy to position your organization above the competition by helping you achieve excellence in your current provision of services, through documentation of clinical outcomes and superior patient satisfaction.
  • Resource Allocation: Strategies designed to ensure you invest only in tangible, realistic and manageable opportunities with high opportunities for success and returns.
healthcare operations management - executive assignment

Executive Assignment

Drawing upon our vast network of top-tier healthcare executives, Condor can connect you to immediate support to meet your organizational needs. We will help you define your executive requirements and locate the professionals with the perfect blend of background and experience.

  • Executive Assignments for temporary for an unexpected vacancy.
  • Interim Executive Assignments for acquisition or planned vacancy.
  • Executive Integration Managers for acquisitions and mergers.