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The Condor Team

The Right Healthcare Consultant for Your Business


The Managing Partners at Condor Healthcare Consultants include John Hepworth, Amy Monroe, and Ralph Ehlers. Combined, this rock-star team offer overs 90 years of combined healthcare business experience in home health care, assisted living, nursing home operations, healthcare mergers and acquisitions, and healthcare vendor management. Contact Condor today for a free consultation and to find a healthcare consultant that is the perfect for your business.

John Hepworth

John Hepworth

Managing Partner


John Hepworth has over 30 years experience in the Home Healthcare industry as a well respected and much sought after healthcare consultant. His many affiliations and contacts with healthcare companies and vendors on a national scale provide unparalleled know-how about industry trends and key markets.
At Condor, John offers expertise in Organizational, Operational, Turn Around, Clinical Management, Sales and Marketing, Infusion Therapy, DME, Strategic Planning, IT Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions and many other facets of Clinical and Business operations.

Amy Monroe

Amy Monroe

Managing Partner


Amy Monroe has over 20 years experience in home care. She has assisted in developing 50 licensed home care agencies into thriving multi-million dollar companies. Her experience extends to other health care fields, including, but not limited to assisted living facilities and skilled facilities.

Amy’s specialty is business development and strategic planning; originating in the New York area and expanding to the national market. She also has extensive experience in emergency medicine providing direct oversight for the Fire Department City of New York EMS. She recently is credited with structuring HazMed Solutions which is one of the first corporations delegated as a direct response contract to the Ebola outbreak in the United States. She serves as a key board member on the International EMS Development Board which consults with the World Health Organization.

Ralph Ehlers

Ralph Ehlers

Managing Partner


Ralph Ehlers possesses over 30 years of healthcare industry experience with an expertise in improving operations and turn-arounds for both payor and provider organizations, focusing on start-ups, integration and redirecting for profitability.

Most recently he served as a Consultant to a New York City based Managed Long Term Care Plan improving Operations, with an emphasis on streamlining Data Flow and Documentation processes, in order to be compliant with state and federal reporting requirements.

Mr. Ehlers served as the VP of Network Development & Provider Relations for a Manhattan based IPA, providing Utilization Review, Care Management and home healthcare provider networks for managed long term care organizations. Prior to this position, Ralph was Vice President of Implementation and Integration for an East Coast consulting organization specializing in Acquisitions and Mergers.

Throughout his successful healthcare career in two metropolitan markets, Philadelphia and New York City, he held C-level positions as Vice President and director of Managed Care, Provider Relations, Contracting and Network Development in Hospital Health Systems and large diversified Healthcare organizations.

Administrative Staff


The Administrative Staff of Condor Healthcare Consultants contributed invaluable experience in strategic focus areas, including Medical Finance, Security, and Waiver’s Programs. With Condor, your healthcare business is always in good hands.

Jose Rivera

Medical Finance Specialist


As Medical Finance Specialist, Jose Rivera brings many skills and 20 years of experience in health care finance and business development to Condor Healthcare Consultants. Having worked in both hospital-based and home health care systems, Jose offers expertise in medical finance, marketing and revenue growth. This, along with his deep knowledge of strategic planning, corporate compliance, rules and regulations, and HIPAA, enables him to maximize revenues for health care providers and engage community leaders in support of specific projects.

Jose’s experience includes conducting and leading on-site trainings, webinars, forums and workshops for both staff and health care clients. Through engagement with local religious institutions and neighborhood groups, Jose successfully educates community members on benefit options, and helps navigate both seniors and the younger physically challenged through our often complicated, and ever-changing, health care systems. His patient-centered approach has improved the lives of individuals in many NYC communities and effected positive and noticeable change.

Thomas Bertolini

Security Advisor


Thomas Bertolini brings 25 years of security, military and nursing experience to his role as a consultant in disaster preparedness at Condor Healthcare Consultants. His strategic set of skills, assets and contacts enhance his realistic understanding of disaster preparedness on an individual level in both rural and urban environments. As a New York Police Department detective with the Organized Crime Control Bureau for six years, he worked as an investigator with undercover officers. Prior to the NYPD, Tom served for eight years as a team leader as a Reconnaissance Marine in the United States Marine Corps, where he specialized in gathering information and engaging targets.

In 2015, Thomas earned a degree in nursing from Mt. Sinai Medical School. As an RN, he finds the field of nursing almost limitless, with many ways to apply his health care skills on a personal, patient, corporate and business level. At Condor, Tom is known for his can-do approach and self-reliant attitude, as well as his appreciation for teamwork and shared experiences.

Patrice Moe-Lenon

Waiver’s Program Specialist


Patrice Moe-Lenon, Condor Healthcare Consultant’s Waivers Programs Specialist, brings a rare depth of knowledge and insight into the waivers credentialing process for Nursing Home Transition & Diversion (NHTD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) waivers programs. She spent seven years as a Specialist with the Regional Resource Development Center (RRDC), the agency that manages the NHTD and TBI waiver programs for the NYC region. Working closely with the NYS Department of Health, Patrice has been instrumental in developing protocols and streamlining the credentialing process.

In her role at Condor, Patrice assists home health care agencies with navigating the often confusing and arduous process of determining eligibility, preparing records and paperwork, fulfilling requirements, and providing application review prior to submission to the DOH for waivers programs. For Condor clients, Patrice helps makes the credentialing process “more human” by bringing to bear her incredible organizational skills and attention to detail.