DOH Deadline for CDPAP Fiscal Intermediary Application
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CDPAP Fiscal Intermediary Application
& Authorization

CDPAP Fiscal Intermediary Application:

DOH Extension – December 15


The New York State Department of Health (DOH) has extended the CDPAP Fiscal Intermediary Application deadline until December 15, 2017.


Condor can fast-track your CDPAP Fiscal Intermediary Application within the DOH deadline. 


Currently operating Fiscal Intermediaries under the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) must now submit the Authorization Application by December 15 or cease operations immediately. Those who are not yet a Fiscal Intermediary but wish to become one should also submit their Authorization Application by December 15 in order to be among those first to be reviewed.

CDPAP Fiscal Intermediary Application - Deadline

CDPAP Fiscal Intermediary Authorization

& Medicaid Provider Number Requirements


Only operators who have submitted a CDPAP Fiscal Intermediary Application by December 15th will be considered. Failure to meet the application deadline will result in your FI being out of compliance with the CDPAP statute, being deemed as unauthorized to operate as an FI, and you will be subject to contract termination protocols of your MCOs.


The Department has stated that all CDPAP Fiscal Intermediary Applications must be submitted electronically, in specified formats. The authorization process is expected to last well into 2018, however those who have applied within deadline may continue to operate “as are” until reviews are completed and authorizations have been granted or denied.


CDPAPs must first obtain their FI Authorization prior to requesting their Medicaid Provider Number — and the Medicaid number for your FI must be separate from any LHCSA Medicaid number

ATTN: Home Health Agencies

Condor Can Help You Apply On-Time


Whether you’re a currently operating CDPAP Fiscal Intermediary or wish to become one in the near future, Condor Healthcare Consultants can help. We have extensive knowledge of the New York market, and trusted experience with CDPAP operations, Fiscal Intermediary Applications, and with obtaining Medicaid Provider Numbers.


Condor can facilitate your CDPAP Fiscal Intermediary Application quickly, efficiently and successfully. Contact Condor Health Consultants today so we can fast-track your application within the DOH deadline parameters. Our expert consultants are standing by now.

Contact Condor today. Call 212-858-9920 or use the contact form below.  

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